DOS: we are in charge!

Dear (prospective) members,

Welcome to the offical website of the International Guild Of DOS Users.

DOS is an operating system without a GUI (Graphical User Interface). This means that all the unnecessary stuff is removed. There are no paperclips who laugh you to scorn, silly spinning rainbow balls, transparant menu's, hourglasses, warnings and unsolicited animations and comparable stuff. Instead of a debris you see a peaceful black screen with a command prompt. Command prompt? Yes, we can command our computer with DOS! There are no forced updates and you are the one who decides what happens with your data. A dream? No, reality! It's called DOS, the Disk Operating System.

When you see the command prompt, (A>, B>, C>, etc.) you can start to command your computer. You are the boss!

THE IBM Personal Computer DOS
Version 3.0 (C)Copyright IBM Corp 1981, 1982, 1983


Volume in drive C is IGODU_COOL 
Volume Serial Number is lE33-13E2
Directory of C:\ 

DOS      <DIR>    09-08-84 10:27p 
CONFIG  SYS       278 09-23-92 10:50a 
COMMAND COM     53014 09-18-92 6:00a 
AUTOEXEC BAT      290 09-23-92 10:54a 

               3 file(s)  53582 bytes 
                       8732672 bytes free